Clubs at McKeel Academy Central

It's that time again! If the club is currently accepting signups, use the button to be taken to McKeel Systems. Sign in with your Parent/Guardian Wildcat Account to complete signups. Please note space is limited and students will be selected by lottery. Registrations are for the month of June and will begin the week of June 5th and end the week of June 26th. Clubs will meet daily (Monday thru Thursday) from 8:00am-9:00am at McKeel Academy Central. Please contact if you have any questions.

June 3D Club

Welcome to the future of creating!  This club is designed to give students the opportunities to use a 3D pen to create various items.  Each week students will create 3D structures which allow them to pick up and hold in their hands.  This club is recommended for students entering grades 3rd – 6th.

June 3D Club is not currently accepting signups.

June Art Club

Summer art club will be a fun filled, hands on program where students will make various types of art projects which include the following: puffy paint painting, foil animal sculptures, painting ancient blue and white Chinese vases, making slime, bubble wrap printmaking and creating a large paper collage! All ages are welcome!

June Art Club is not currently accepting signups.

June Cooking Club

For incoming grades 3-5.
June 5-9th.
Transportation will be provided for MAC students. A McKeel bus will pick students up on the Bay street side of Trinity Church. Parents may park in the church parking lot for drop off and pick up. Students must be in the parking lot ready to board the bus at 9:00am and picked up at 2:30 pm. On Friday, the students would need to be picked up at 12:30pm.

Please see our flyer for information on June Cooking Club.

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June Craft Club

Join Summer Craft Club and dive into the fun! Students will learn how to turn everyday craft supplies and household objects into works of art. The activities are easy, thought-provoking, and educational. Some crafts to look forward to will include summer yarn gnomes, rag wreaths, felt crafts and more. This club is for students who are entering grades 1-4.

June Craft Club is not currently accepting signups.

June Lego Robotics Club

Lego Robotics will have your student igniting their STEM skills to design, engineer, and program using Legos. Students will work through the Spike Lego Education curriculum to learn about different methods of programming and to enhance their engineering skills in creating different models. They will also learn coding skills to program their builds to complete different tasks.  All ages are welcome!

June Lego Robotics Club is not currently accepting signups.

June Sensational STEM EXPRESS

Do you love science? Do you love creating and building? Do you have a positive attitude and GRIT? Then, it is time for you to board the STEM Express. On your journey, you will be exploring the world of STEM through hands-on STEM challenges. You will use creativity, problem solving, and perseverance to design projects with your team. Also, you will be able to code mazes and other challenges using the Ozobots. If this sounds like the club for you, I would love to have you aboard for a fun-filled journey! This club is for students who are entering grades 3-6.

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June Volleyball Club

This camp is designed to give the new and experienced volleyball player an opportunity to learn and develop their skills in a fun environment. Campers are provided instruction on basic volleyball skills, game structure and rules, and team concepts such as communication and coordination. To participate in this camp you need not to have played league volleyball or have volleyball experience. This club is for students entering grades 4th-6th.

June Volleyball Club is not currently accepting signups.