Mrs. Martinez

Mrs. Martinez

1st Grade Team

Welcome back Wildcats! I am very excited about teaching 1st grade at McKeel Academy Central  this year.  This is my 18th year teaching.  I graduated from The University of Toledo in 1999 with my degree in Speech/Language Therapy.  Over the years I've had many amazing experiences teaching ages from 3-11.   Teaching is my passion. My main goal is to grant every student success on their own educational path! Teaching students to read and watching them grow as readers is very exciting and rewarding to me. This year I plan to make our learning environment fun, engaging and student centered. I can't wait to start this year with your child!  I am excited about the memories and learning we will be endeavoring throughout the school year. 

Class Tag (Parent/teacher Communication App)

Class Schedule  

Class Schedule  

Mrs. Martinez's Class Schedule 

8:00-8:15 Morning Work 

8:15-8:20 Lunch and attendance 

8:25-8:55 MAC Time 

9:00-9:30- Phonics/Phonemic Awarness/Vocabulary 

9:30-10:30- Reading         * Mondays- Art 9:45-10:25

10:30-10:55- Writing

10:59-11:24  Lunch 

11:30-11:45- Playground 

11:50-12:00- Finish Writing 

12:00-1:10- Math   

1:10-1:25- Snack/Bathroom

1:33-2:13  Block 

2:15-2:45  Science (T, W, Th, Fr); Phonics (Monday)  

2:25-2:55   Media- Tuesday 

3:00-3:15  Clean-up and dismissal   

Chick-Fil-a Spirit Nights  

September 13, 2018 


October 11, 2018

November 8, 2018

December 13, 2018

February 14, 2019


Healthy Snack  

Snack: We will have snack time each day. Your child is responsible to bring in their own snack each day. Due to allergies this works best for our class. If you would like to send in an extra snack that I can keep for students who forget you are more then welcome to do so. We try to make sure everyone has their own snack each day with them. Below are some ideas of snacks that are healthy for your child to bring to school. 

Healthy snack ideas: 




cheese crackers

animal crackers



fruit snacks/bars 



peanutbutter crackers 

fruit cups 


Important Dates and Upcoming Events  

Tuesday: Oct. 9rd: Open House/PTO Meeting-Family Night

Monday: Oct. 15th: No School for Students/Staff  

Wednesday: Oct. 17th: First Grade Field Trip- Lakeland Police Department/Lunch in Munn Park 

Wednesday:  November 7th:  Field Trip - Circle B Ranch Reserve 9:30-1:15

Tuesday:  December 18th:  Mckeelville

Wednesday:  December 19th:  Field Trip - Grace Manor

Thursday:  December 20th:  Last day before Christmas Break

Monday:  January 7th:  Students return to school after break

Tuesday: March 5th:  Science Family Night

Friday:  March 22nd:  Field Day

March 25-March 29:  SPRING BREAK

Field Trips  

OCTOBER 17TH Lakeland Police Department

NOVEMBER 14TH Circle B Bar Reserve

DECEMBER 19TH Grace Manor

January 24th Mr. Poppers Penguins and Barnett Park

April 12th Florida Aquarium

Homework: 4/29

  • Read each night! Even just for 15-20 minutes. You can read to someone, with someone or listen to someone. You can read a book, a magazine, on an iPad, however you choose... just LOVE it! You may log it in your agenda. 
  • Practice the Sight Words written in your agenda. This can be done however you choose to practice at home... sidewalk chalk, magnetic letters on the fridge, finger painting, etc. Make it FUN!! Practicing your words does not have to be boring! Sight words are just that, learned by sight. They usually break phonics rules, so we do not sound them out, we memorize them by sight. That is exactly how students are assessed at the end of each week as well. Students read their sight words to the teacher one-on-one. 
  • Practice Phonics Words, these words are also written in your child's agenda. We practice these words differently because they are taught differently. These words follow patterns and 'rules' and we can sound these words out. We focus on a different skill each week. A new skill is introduced on Monday, we practice all week and then students are assessed on Friday like a traditional spelling test. The more practice students can get at home with both sight words and phonics words throughout the week to reinforce what we are doing in the classroom, the better! 
  • Reading-     Scholastic News:  Where are the Ladybug's Spots?; and the activities that go with it.
  • Phonics Words-   fastest, smallest, biggest, highest, oldest, caption, vacation, nation, function, option
  • Sight Words- front, drink, never, own, started, whose
  • Math Homework-  Extra practice IXL: V and W

What Are We Learning About?  

Reading: - Comparing Two Texts

Writing -  Opinion and Narrative Writing

Grammar - Context clues, figurative language, and word meanings.

Phonics -  endings: -est and -ion

 Math-   - 2-D and 3-D shapes

Science-  Life Science - Plants and animals closely resemble their parents, but variations exist among individuals within a population.

Social Studies-  Geography skills


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