Ashley Long

Ashley Long

6th Grade Team

Hi... my name is Ashley Long and I am so excited for this school year! I am actually a graduate of McKeel Academy of Technology. After graduating from MAT, I attended the University of South Florida and earned my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education. I am so blessed to have only ever taught right here at MAC! During my time here at McKeel Academy Central, I have had the pleasure of teaching first, third, and fourth grade.  Two years ago, I was excited to move up and join the sixth grade team. I also teach my favorite subject, math!  As I begin my sixteenth year teaching, my personal philosophy remains the same- no matter the age of the students in my class. I strive everyday to provide a classroom in which every student feels loved, welcome and uplifted- only then can we begin to learn together. 

Looking forward to an AMAZING year... 

Dates to Remember...

What We Are Learning

Number Sense & Operations

  • Extended knowledge of numbers to negative numbers and develop an understanding of absolute value. 
  • Add, subtract, multiply, & divide positive rational numbers. 
  • Apply properties of operations to rewrite numbers in equivalent forms. 
  • Extend understanding of operations with integers. 
  • *Add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers. 

Algebraic Reasoning

  • Apply previous understanding of arithmetic expressions to algebraic expressions. 
  • Develop an understanding for solving equations and inequalities. Write and solve one-step equations in one variable. 
  • Understand ratio and unit rate concepts and use them to solve problems. 
  • *Rewrite algebraic expressions in equivalent form. 
  • *Write and solve equations and inequalities in one variable. 
  • *Use percentages and proportional reasoning to solve problems.

Geometric Reasoning

  • Apply previous understanding of the coordinate plane to solve problems. 
  • Model and solve problems involving two-dimensional figures and three-dimensional figures. 
  • *Solve problems involving two-dimensional figures, including circles. 

Data Analysis & Probability

  • Develop an understanding of statistics and determine measures of center and measures of variability. Summarize statistical distributions graphically and numerically. 
  • *Represent and interpret numerical and categorical data. 
  • *Develop an understanding of probability. Find and compare experimental and theoretical probabilities.

*Accelerated course.